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ALEEYA “How to Sing the Alphabet en Francais”

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 | 0 comments

Little Aleeya is one of the reasons you’re here, Sebastian. Without many close friends with children, we didn’t actually know what kids were really about. And when we crossed paths with kids in public, their parents always seemed to be juggling them, they had lots of snot running down their faces, and they always seemed to want something. “Mommy can I have this cereal?”, “Dad, I wanna go to Wally World” etc. So as you can imagine–your father and I were undecided fora long time. Then we met Aleeya. She had the sweetest little voice and was exceedingly polite and generous.

When she was five, we sat in the garden and coloured for ages. She asked me “Is that your dad in the kitchen with my dad?” It wasn’t. It was YOUR dad, but we were having such a good time I felt like I was little again and she did too; it was like we were friends and not a grown-up hanging out with a kid.

aleeya2   A year later, she was at our wedding in Tuscany.  There were only about 35 people there and she was  the only kid, but she was so lovely and happy. She  picked wildflowers and danced around the castle.  We had an amazing time. I wish you were there  Sebastian–we’ll have to take you someday.

Aleeya is in French Immersion. That means that  her school not only gives her French language  classes, but they talk to her in French all day long. This is a huge benefit to people in Canada and possibly beyond–we’re not sure. We’re haven’t decided if you’ll go to French immersion yet, but either way we’ll definitely make sure you have the opportunity to learn a lot of French while you’re little and sucking everything in like a beautiful, brilliant little sponge.

But for now, here’s your friend Aleeya to teach you how to sing the alphabet en francais, as they say.

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