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AMBER & JONATHAN “How To Find Your Star”

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 | 0 comments

Amber and I are old girls. That is to say, former Trafalgarites. While we both went to Traf at the same time, Amber was in a younger grade so we didn’t officially meet until a few years ago when she decided to have a ‘big couture blow out moving sale’ and I convinced your dad it was worth the drive to Whitby.

It was worth the drive, I can honestly say that Mark and I hadn’t laughed that hard in yonks. We sat in Amber and Jonathan’s old living room, surrounded by Mogwai and Gizmo (their adorable Yorkies) and actually just laughed so hard our stomach’s hurt while Amber regaled us with stories about how she’d met Jonathan’s family in England–trying to make a good impression by dressing in head-to-toe Burberry (I’m still torn about whether this is never/always a good idea…particularly when among the English) and how confused they were upon meeting her.

Amber is particularly gregarious, while Jonathan is demure and witty. They play off each other well and every occasion with these two is destined to be fun and way, way over the top.


When they moved to Toronto, there  was more opportunity to hang out  and–between drinking bottles of  champers at the Spoke Club, bowling  in their downtown LV building, St.  Lawrence Market shopping, and great  laughs in our garden–what started as  a shopping trip became a real  friendship.

Last night you laughed so hard when  Amber came over. She made these  awesome faces and laughed this crazy  high pitched laugh that had you in  stitches. It was also the first day you  learned how to clap. Amber insisted  that you would and that you were the  smartest and best baby of all time and  you proved her right. She and Jonathan also brought you an incredible present–your own star. Forever this star will be named Sebastian DHD and the coordinates are here for you when you are ready to look for it in the night sky.

Star Name: The Little Zulu

Coordinates: (RA) 8h 57m 24.1s | (DEC) +6° 53′ 46.0″

…Or you could just follow the directions in the video <3


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