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HILARY & JOHN “How to Make An Old Fashioned”

Posted on Mar 9, 2015 | 0 comments

I love my friends; this video lesson just exemplifies the talent powerhouse in my friendship circle.

Aside from her good eye and manifold talents: Hilary is seriously one of the most amazing people I know–possibly of all time.

She’s beautiful and super smart, funny and cool (in a dorky way, but that’s cool right now)–but most importantly, She. Totally. Gets. It.

Together, we’ve been the sophisticated city savvy women out on the town–and we’ve also been those dumb girls who find each other so insanely funny that we’ve gone into uncontrollable fits in public (at the office, in fact) and had to go to the bathroom to laugh it out because we were so unbearable to everyone around us.

lonhilary2   Hil was working with me at Portland Stewart when I  became pregnant with you, Sebastian. Before that, we used to go out  and have FUN. Afterwards, we stayed in and had fun, mostly  laughing at how things had changed. When I felt a bit preggo-  nauseated at the office, she went out and bought me 12 different  types of candy before we realized that the sour ones actually really  helped (tip for pregs). The real truth about Hilary however, is that  it’s not only talent, looks and humour that make you a truly great  person, like Hil, those people are kind and generous, totally  thoughtful about other people. Sensitivity and empathy are deep  attributes, especially in a man, and I will be incredibly proud of you  if you learn that lesson.

lonhilaryOh, and remember that Hil got you that little chicken towel that you love. You know, the one that makes bathtime not-so-bad. It used to be so huge and snuggly when you were born and now you’re so huge that it barely covers your bum, but we love it so much we can’t bear (bare) to stop using it.

And don’t forget your friend John. He’s super cool, though we’re not as close as Hil and I–but he has told me that he wants a thousand kids, I know he likes to party, he loves his family, and he’s a well-travelled advertising exec. And believe it: those attributes exactly make up the guy who knows how to make–and consume–a good cocktail.

Hil and John have been the first to break ground on teaching you something that’s actually illegal for you to do right now. And thank God: I’ve been asking for something risque and hopefully this is just scratching the surface. You see, babe, I want you to be well-rounded and enjoy the fullness of the experience of growing up. Of course, I don’t want you to be in trouble with the law (that’s so not worth doing), but I want you to be adventurous and try all the good things this life has to offer.

Plus, your Grandpa Michael has always told me that bourbon is a gentleman’s drink, so this is basically sanctioned drinking. Remember, be responsible. Close your eyes and sip deep my darling.

Finally, Hil will always be your friend, but if it doesn’t work out between her and John, she might be a good potential future wife for you, my darling. And if it does, I’d still advise you to get in good with John for some tips.

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