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JOANNE & JORDAN | “How to Run Really Fast”

Posted on Feb 10, 2015 | 0 comments

I know Joanne from high school and over the years we’ve stayed in touch through Facebook. She was part of the ‘Joanne, Joanne, Alex, and Amanda’ posse–they were all amazing and funny girls, awesome to hang out with.


It’s sort of weird thinking back to this time, because sometimes I still feel like a high schooler. Often, in fact. I notice it most when I hang out with people who have teenaged kids, as I gravitate towards their humour, language, goss. It’s true, I’m the first one to abandon the adult room, preferring to play video games, talk about skateboarding, or hot guys in teen movies.

And yet that was practically eons ago–I am a better teenager today than I was in high school and (hi reality) like it or not, we’re all growed up now. Joanne has a gorgeous 5-year old son called Jordan who helped her with this video. It was his choice to do “How to Run Really Fast” as the lesson for Sebastian.

I honestly can’t think of anything better. Given that he can’t even crawl yet (though Mark and I are really thrilled about the new all-fours humping motion he’s mastered), I think it will be one of the lessons Sebastian is most excited to learn.

It’s so incredible to have the next generation represented here so many years later. Thanks for being a part of Sebastian’s community guys!

PS. Here is a bonus video starring Jordan singing the theme song of the boys’ fave show

“How to Sing Paw Patrol”


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