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Posted on Feb 10, 2015 | 0 comments


Sierra is an awesome sport and an amazing human that I met relatively recently on this journey.

When I was pregnant with you I began to frequent Facebook’s “mommy groups”, which ranged from informative to eye-opening to downright deranged. I hadn’t quite realized what I was getting into until I joined these secret groups and first saw the very dark, frightening underbelly of mommyhood.

The only thing I had in common with many of these other mommies was that we had a baby due in July. That was it. And boy, let me tell you: there were entire galaxies between us. And then I met Sierra, who connected with me initially because my ‘last name’ on Facebook at the time was “Luxury-Yacht” and her father owned a yachting company. Oh the random and varying degrees of separation!

Beyond that, we were both writers and foremost–both awake at all hours of the night with our brand new bundles–aka. you, Sebastian, and little Mei.

Sierra was the first to get her video to me all the while apologizing profusely for the delay. And she’s an inspiration to me these first few months with her intense go-getterness. Since Mei was born, Sierra has kickstarted her career writing for many media outlets, she’s always out with her little darling at cultural events and parties–in fact, her pictorial travels on Facebook make Florida look awesome (we must go visit sometime).

Now, 7 months later, our little darlings aren’t so little anymore. We’re a bit more comfortable with you guys and you’re beginning to really experience the world around you. Neither of you are talking, but we sense that you’re getting ready. Maybe with a little help and know-how you’ll sign to me “I love you, mama”.

I’d really like that.

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