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STEPHEN “How to Choose a Great Watch”

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 | 0 comments

Stephen is your grandpa/my dad’s first cousin. He lives in LA with his gorgeous and cool architect wife Juliet, and his kitty Spice Boy (not to be confused with David Beckham.) The youngest son of my lovely great Auntie Cecily, Stephen is considered by many of the members of your mommy’s side of the fam to be an extraordinary intellect and have a thing for a good watch.

Recently, I learned that Stephen mooned your granny once from a passing car (apparently as a sign of great affection and respect.) He was also photographed in the front row of the ‘kids’ photo at my brother’s wedding. Whether this information is for public consumption or not, it really gives one a glimpse of Stephen’s personality. Young for life, an avid reader, major art historian, collector, and enthusiast, a SERIOUS cat lover (fixated on bringing your fur-sister Belly back home with him during his most recent visit–until realizing just how much she sheds), and an accomplished accountant (the youngest ever to qualify for this accreditation in South Africa, he still holds this distinction): Your third cousin Stephen is truly a wild and interesting guy to be around.

It might interest you to know that I’ve always considered Stephen something of a kindred spirit. Perhaps, the predecessor for your mommy’s eccentric personality. He sort of paved the way, if you will, for the more interesting and ‘out there’ descendants of the Selbo clan. Plus, he supports your dad’s football team–Charlton Athletic.

As a recognized timepiece afficionado, it seemed only fitting to ask Stephen to give you the low down on what to look for when buying a great watch. While he misheard the request and promised you an education in whiskey, it all came right in the end.

Note: Be sure to ask to see his watch collection when we visit the West Side Clan when you’re a little bit older…

PS. That typo on ‘America’ in the video is due to my eyes being all blurry from early onset spring allergies. I’ll just leave it as an indication of eccentricity…

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